Is a 20-Year-Old Roof Eligible for Insurance Coverage?

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Is a 20-Year-Old Roof Eligible for Insurance Coverage

When it comes to home insurance, many homeowners wonder: “Is a 20-year-old roof eligible for insurance coverage?” The answer is not.

It depends on the insurance company and the specific policy. In general, older roofs can be insured, but there might be some limitations or different conditions compared to newer roofs.

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Key Takeaways

Key TakeawayDetails
Eligibility of 20-Year-Old Roofs for InsuranceEligibility depends on the roof’s condition, material, and the insurer’s policy.
Impact of Age and Material on CoverageOlder roofs may only get actual cash value coverage. Durable materials might secure better terms.
State Farm PolicyOffers actual cash value coverage for older roofs, considering the roof’s material and maintenance.
Geico PolicyAssesses condition, material, and claim history. Coverage might be based on actual cash value.
Progressive PolicyEvaluates current state and material of the roof. Offers varying types of coverage, often based on actual cash value.
Allstate PolicySimilar approach to others, considering age, material, and condition. Might offer actual cash value coverage.
Securing Insurance for Old RoofsKeep maintenance records and get inspections. Shop around for different insurers.
Discounts for Metal RoofsMetal roofs might secure insurance discounts due to their durability.
Coverage for Roof LeaksDepends on the cause of the leak. Wear and tear might not be covered.
Selling a Home with an Old RoofA well-maintained old roof can be a selling point. Consider repairs or price adjustment.
Consulting ProfessionalsImportant to get advice from insurance and real estate experts for specific situations.

How Can Age Impact Coverage?

The age of your roof plays a crucial role in determining your home insurance coverage. As roofs age, they wear down and become more susceptible to damage. This increased risk can make insurance companies hesitant to offer full coverage.

In some cases, insurers might only offer actual cash value coverage for older roofs. If your roof is damaged, the payout might be less than the replacement cost, considering its depreciated value.

Insurance companies assess the condition and lifespan of your roof to decide on coverage. Different materials have varying lifespans. For instance, asphalt shingle roofs last about 20 years, while metal or tile roofs can last much longer.

You could still get good insurance if your roof is 20 years old but in good shape and made of strong material.

Can the Material Impact Insurance Coverage on a 20-Year-Old Roof?

Yes, the material of your roof impacts insurance coverage. Different materials have different durability and lifespans.

👉 A 20-year-old metal or slate roof might be in better condition compared to a 20-year-old asphalt shingle roof. 👈

Insurance companies consider these factors when determining coverage. They are more likely to provide better coverage for roofs made from long-lasting materials.

State Farm Roof Policy for a 20-Year-Old Roof

State Farm, a big insurance company, has rules for insuring old roofs, even those 20 years old. They look at how old your roof is and its shape to decide what kind of insurance you can get.

If your roof is 20 years old, State Farm might cover its current worth, not what it would cost for a new one. If your roof is damaged, they might pay you based on what your old roof is worth now, not the price of a new one.

State Farm also thinks about what your roof is made of and how well you’ve taken care of it. You might get better insurance if you’ve kept your 20-year-old roof in good shape.

It’s a good idea to talk to State Farm to know exactly how they cover older roofs.

Geico Roof Policy for a 20-Year-Old Roof

Geico looks at a few things when insuring old roofs, especially ones that are 20 years old. They check how the roof looks, what it’s made of, and if you’ve ever had to claim the roof before.

Like State Farm, Geico may offer coverage based on the actual cash value for older roofs. This approach takes into account the depreciation of the roof over time.

For homeowners with a 20-year-old roof seeking coverage from Geico, it’s advisable to have a recent inspection report handy. This can help prove the roof’s condition and secure more favorable terms.

Progressive Home Insurance Policy for a 20-Year-Old Roof

Progressive Insurance looks at how old roofs are doing and what they’re made of, even if they’re 20 years old. They might give different insurance types based on this. Often, Progressive covers the current worth of older roofs, not the full price of a new one if it gets damaged.

If you have a 20-year-old roof, talking to Progressive is a good idea. They can tell you what insurance you can get. How well you’ve taken care of your roof, and any recent fixes can change the insurance they offer.

Allstate Insurance Policy for a 20-Year-Old Roof

Like other big insurance companies, Allstate looks at the age, material, and shape of 20-year-old roofs. They might cover the roof’s current worth, not what it would cost to get a new one. If your roof gets damaged, they could pay you less than a new roof costs because of its age.

Homeowners with older roofs should consult Allstate to get a clear understanding of their policy options. A well-maintained roof might secure more favorable terms, even if it’s 20 years old.

Getting Homeowners Insurance Policies for Old Roofs

Securing insurance for a 20-year-old roof can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips:

  1. Maintenance Records: Keep records of regular maintenance and any repairs. This shows the insurance company that you’ve been caring for your roof.
  2. Inspection Reports: Get a professional roof inspection. This report can provide evidence of the roof’s condition to the insurer.
  3. Shop Around: Different insurance companies have different policies. Don’t hesitate to shop around and compare offers.
  4. Discuss Upgrades: Let the insurance company know if you’ve upgraded any part of your roof. Upgrades can sometimes lead to better coverage options.

Insurance Discounts for Metal Roofs: More Than Just Durability

Metal roofs aren’t just tough and can save you money on insurance. Especially in places with lots of hail, having a metal roof can lead to big discounts. Here’s how:

  1. Impact-Resistant Roof Discount: If your metal roof can withstand heavy hits and has a class 4 rating, you might get an insurance discount. These discounts can be between 7% to 30%, depending on where you live and your insurer’s rules.
  2. New Roof Discount: Insurance companies often lower rates for homes with metal roofs. Since these roofs are less likely to leak or get damaged, this can mean a lower price for your home insurance.
  3. Roofing Materials Discount: Some insurance companies discount strong roofs, like metal ones. State Farm is one example. These discounts can be large. But they vary by location.

💡 Remember, these discounts depend on where you live and your insurance company. Always talk to your insurance agent to find out what discounts you can get for your metal roof.

Home Insurance: Does It Cover Leaks in 20-Year-Old Roofs?

Insurance coverage for leaks in a 20-year-old roof depends on the cause of the leak. The leak might not be covered due to wear and tear or lack of maintenance.

Your insurance might pay for the repairs if a covered peril, like a storm, causes the leak. Always check your policy details and talk to your insurance agent for clarity.

Can I Sell My Home with a 20-Year-Old Roof?

Yes, you can sell your home with a 20-year-old roof, but there are some things to consider:

  1. Roof Condition: A well-maintained roof can be a selling point. If it’s in poor condition, it might turn off potential buyers.
  2. Inspection and Fixes: Consider having someone check your roof and fix any problems before selling your house. Doing this can make your home more attractive to buyers.
  3. Price Change: If you choose not to repair or replace an old roof, you might need to adjust your selling price.


Insurance for a 20-year-old roof depends on its shape, what it’s made of, and the insurance company’s rules.

Taking good care of your roof and keeping records can help you get insurance. Also, you can sell a house with an old roof, but you need to consider how the roof looks and how it might change the price.

Every house and roof is different. So, it’s smart to talk to insurance and real estate pros for the best advice for your case.

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