What Color Siding Goes With a Copper Roof?

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Most Popular Siding Color Choices

Siding ColorDescriptionWhy It Works
Dark BlueA deep, rich blue that offers a strong contrast to the warm tones of copper.Creates a bold and striking contrast, ideal for modern or contemporary homes.
Light GreyA soft, neutral grey that provides a subtle contrast.Enhances the natural patina of copper over time, suitable for traditional or colonial homes.
CreamA warm, off-white hue.Complements the warmth of copper, creating a classic and timeless look.
Forest GreenA deep, natural green.Offers a natural, earthy contrast, well-suited for homes in wooded or rural settings.
Charcoal GreyA dark, almost black grey.Provides a sleek and sophisticated contrast, perfect for urban or minimalist designs.
WhitePure, clean white.Offers a crisp, classic contrast, making the copper roof a standout feature.
BeigeA light, sandy hue.Blends harmoniously with copper, suitable for a wide range of architectural styles.
Red BrickThe natural red tones of brick.Complements copper with a traditional and rustic appeal.

What Color Siding Goes With a Copper Roof? A copper roof can be a beautiful addition to any home. The warm, reddish-brown patina provides visual interest and adds character to your exterior. 

But what color siding should you pair with a copper roof for the best look? This guide examines popular siding colors that complement copper and provides tips for choosing the right match.

Key Takeaways

  • Warm neutral colors like beige, tan, brown, and gray pair well with copper roofs. They draw out the roof’s reddish tones.
  • Cooler paint colors like light blue, green, and purple also coordinate nicely if you want more contrast.
  • For a truly seamless look, select siding in natural wood tones. The variation matches a copper roof’s patina.
  • Consider your home’s style, color scheme, surroundings, and personal taste when selecting siding.
  • Look at color palettes and siding samples to visualize options before deciding.

Warm Neutral Siding Colors

Warm, neutral siding colors beautifully complement copper’s rich reddish-brown hues. Here are some top options:


A light beige siding has a soft, understated look that doesn’t fight with a copper roof for attention. Depending on exact shades and lighting, beige can pick up subtle reddish undertones from the roof. This creates a cohesive color scheme. Varying beige hues, from tan to greige, provide versatility.


Earthy brown siding has a classic, natural look with copper roofs. From dark chocolate browns to lighter tans, the brown tones range contains warm and cool versions. This diversity allows you to select a shade that best flatters your home’s copper patina. Paint companies like Behr and Sherwin-Williams offer many brown siding color options.


Although sometimes considered cold, gray can have warm, earthy undertones that complement copper. Look for grays with hints of brown, beige, or taupe rather than cool blue/purple versions. Charcoal, greige, and mushroom gray paint colors are attractive options. The muted tone allows the roof to stand out.

Cool Color Siding Options

While warm neutrals are most popular, you can make light, cool-toned siding works nicely with a copper roof by using the right shades. Cooler siding colors contrast the roof more than blend but can highlight its distinctive patina. Here are some ideas:


Soft powdery blues complement copper’s warmth without clashing. Robin egg blue, sky blue, and pale aqua shades are tranquil choices. Dark navy blue can work, providing more contrast. Matte finishes mute these airy colors.


Light purples like lavender and lilac can enhance copper’s warm, reddish tones. Deep eggplant can also contrast nicely. Consider a light purple for Victorian homes or a dark regal purple for Arts and Crafts styles. Matte siding finishes mute bold colors.


Earthy green is an unexpected yet beautiful pairing with copper. Try a pale sage or seafoam color. Deep emerald green also creates drama. Green feels especially fitting for rural, wooded, or farmhouse-style homes.

Natural Wood Siding

Consider wood or fiber cement siding in natural, unpainted wood tones for a seamlessly cohesive look. 

Variations in the wood’s grain and color naturally pick up on the visual interest and patina in the copper roof. This creates a beautifully coordinated, rustic look.

Cedar, redwood, pine, and fir siding are all great wood options. Several fiber cement manufacturers like James Hardie offer seamless siding mimicking wood’s appearance in colors like cedar, cypress, bluestone, and elmwood.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Siding Color

Choosing the right siding color requires looking at several factors:

  • Homestyle – A Victorian may suit lighter colors, while an Arts & Crafts or farmhouse benefits from deeper, richer tones.
  • Existing color scheme – Look at the roof color along with trims and accents. Is your color palette warm or cool-leaning?
  • Surroundings – A light beige siding can recede into a snowy backdrop while deeper blues or greens enhance landscapes.
  • Personal preference – Do you like muted or bold colors? Monochrome or contrasting palettes?
  • Lighting – Different shades appear distinct mornings, middays, and evenings. Note how light impacts colors.

Consider these elements together to select your copper roof’s most attractive siding color.

What Color Siding Goes With a Copper Roof?

Visualizing Color Options

Don’t use siding color names or small chips alone when selecting a shade. View large samples on-site and photograph or Photoshop different colors onto your home’s exterior.

Scan home improvement paint sections and online galleries to compile inspiration images of potential color schemes. 

Referencing pictures of real homes with copper roofs and different sidings helps you envision how options will look on your exterior.

Choosing siding is an investment, so take time to make the decision. The right color choice complements your copper roof beautifully, while the wrong shade can clash awkwardly.

Finding the Right Siding for Your Copper Roof

From beige and wood tones to cool grays and blues, many siding colors beautifully accompany copper’s distinctive warmth and patina. 

Consider your home’s style, color preferences, surroundings, and existing elements when selecting. And don’t forget to view large samples on-site at different times and light conditions as you narrow down options for the perfect pairing. 

With the right siding shade, your copper roof will stand out as the stunning focal point it’s meant to be. 👉

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